Feel so LUCKY

IMG_6200IMG_61976203IMG_6205IMG_6206I guess it’s too late to write a post according to Indian Time i.e 11 past 35 minutes in the night .But wanna share with you all .

It was a lovely day although thinking it to be a normal day as usual but here i get a call From a production House asking me to drop down at the office for a conversation in person & what i hear in the end is that i am on board for a reality show assisting the costume designer .

Trust me it’s difficult to get in the industry until you are not someone great & i am in a party mood as after trying hard i end up getting a chance to prove my skills.

P.S: 1) On cloud 9 .

2)Just back home after a tiring day .

3)Always ready for getting clicked .So here i go for snapshots wearing my     New short dress.

And i am sure their are many people like me wanting an opportunity to knock their door but folks Patience is what i preached and so you should too.

Hope you like it ..!!

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