Vero Moda Contest


603706_510104055693856_1813822117_nDress,Accessories,Bag: Vero Moda.

“Fashion is all about what you create ” ,so i here i participate in the VERO MODA Contest which took place in my city Mumbai.It was fun ,and a great way to show how passionate girls are in terms of Fashion.Thus i have uploaded few pictures of the contest.

Now you will be thinking what was the contest.. ?

Okay we had to pick any dress from the store and then style it the way we want and wear it and the last but not the least had to get clicked.

So my whole concept was to show a look which is easy to wear    and feminine whereas a dress which you can wear for a meeting as well.So i choose this Black LBD as i like the fabric and then because it’s summer so i turned my look as a NEON look. Hence i donned neon Accessories and A neon Bag. 

I am in Love with this Bag.

Don’t you like the Bag.. ??

It’s just so girly kinda stuff ❤

I hope you liked My concept,feel free to share your views.

Waiting For the results now..!!!

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