Denim & Orange

SAM_4241SAM_42491-SAM_4245SAM_4257SAM_42541-SAM_42741-SAM_4263Like LBD ,DENIM is my easy to go outfit which definitely never invests much of my time in selecting a look of the day.Thus i choose DENIM and an orange cropped Pant to add a pop of color to my outfit.

There are many different ways of wearing Denim shirt.

# Here’s How

1) You could tie the bottom of Denim in a knot, and wear it with leggings or a skirt. A pleated, flowery skirt ,Leather,Pencil skirt works best.

2)You can bring your inner girl out by wearing it on a dress/or a maxi dress .

3)Wear a skirt and tuck in the shirt, then wear sandals or flats for a summer look.

4)Wear Tube top (of any color ) on keep your Denim open with a printed or colorful Pant/Leather Pant for a casual Look.

Any of these looks work wonders, they’re simple, but very stylish! The denim shirt is a kind of indie/hipster look, but it works for everyone.

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