DIY 2.0

Few Days ago i realized i have a pair of old Ballet shoes which is just plain and has no color or design as such on it .And since i have a habit of modifying things i thought to do something with these shoes.Went to Hobby Ideas to buy materials for the same.I brought 3 color Bottles which is Rs.18 each.

You need :

1)Paints (acrylic)



4)Marker (In case you want to make some designs )

 Step 1) Ballet shoes 


Step 2) Paints ,Brush ,Water


Step 3) Start Painting it with the color you like. 


Step 4) Here you go with you new Ballet shoes .


Precaution : As i am acquainted using Paints , i have not kept Paper below the shoes while doing it.Rather painting your shoes it might happen that you would by mistake paint the floor or desk.So better to keep a Paper underneath your shoes.



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