He he he ..Ho Ho Ho..!!!






                        Jingle Bell ,Jingle Bell jingle all the way ..la la la la la

 Ohh yeah “Christmas Mood Is ON ” ..How in childhood we kids used to sing this during Christmas celebration in school.Those days were fun full of innocence & i as a kid would actually wish for gifts from Santa.The next day when i would wake up i would see gifts around me thinking that wow..!! Santa gave all these gifts.But once i started growing older i understood it wasn’t Santa But my Parents who would do that..:) 🙂 

Well the Christmas mood is On,my family doesn’t celebrate as we are Hindu the way my Catholic friends do but i do go visit my friend’s house and go for Mass.I really like the decoration,the festive mood ,the flavor of sweets & Deserts,Families coming together and talking ,laughing loudly with light Music and dance in the end .


I  give tonsss of  love to all my blogger friends here.(I still couldn’t stop myself from buying some little sneaky presents for some of my friends!). 

Meanwhile hello now you have to be with your family .It’s Christmas guys.Switch off your laptop,stop checking out websites and reading posts.You should spend quality time with your family.I will take a leave from my blog now gotta do lots of work.Also have to prepare myself for tomorrow’s  Show.


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