Turban -I like it!!


I love wearing Turban thus i have implemented this style .

turban, is a kind of Headgear based on cloth winding. Featuring many variations, it is worn as customary headwear.

Communities with prominent turban-wearing traditions can be found in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Near East, the Arabian Peninsula ,North Africa, the Horn Of Africa, and parts of the Swahili Coast. Turbans worn in South Asia are known as Pagri.

Wearing turbans is common among Sikhs, who refer to it as a Dastar.

Tips :

1) You can wear Turban and include it as your street style .

2)You can wear it on a Jacket & Pants .

3) you can wear it while on Beach ,Weekend Trips.

4) You can wear it on a a Gown too .

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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