Stylish with the Tuxedo

Morning everyone .. 🙂 . This morning ever since i woke up i thought of writing an article which would stand different ,something on the Men’s Fashion. My heart kept on telling me to write on this stylish “Tuxedo” which is just so cool and trendy.Guys can definitely go adventurous with the tuxedo .

Traditionally,a tuxedo is black in color,single-button garment.It has lapels that are made of grosgrain satin or matte satin.the lapels could be in peak,notch or shawl shapes..Orginally in the single-buttoned jacket ,the buttons are made of cloth,both at the sleeves and on the body.

If you want to distinguish a tuxedo jacket from a normal one,then look out for the lapels and the buttons. The modern tuxedo is black or white in color,although designers have also started using shades of grey and midnight blues.



Bradley Cooper very well carried the Tuxedo .

leonardo-dicaprio-011512- (4)


Leonardo dicaprio was seen wearing a single button Tuxedo .



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