Happy Tuesday all..!!! Few weeks ago i visited Ahemdabad for work but then how can i miss visiting to the Tourist places .So i and my team planned to finish the meeting first after which we left for Gandhi Ashram i.e Sabarmati  Ashram where you know the non-violent freedom Fighter resided and organised Dandi March.He led a very simple life .I being a follower of Mahatma Gandhi felt so good checking out the whole Ashram .I even like “Khadi”products so i made sure i buy them.

I feel we have just flushed out the reason why Gandhji preferred  “Khadi” products and made them in his Ashram . Having said that the quality of Khadi products are also good .the fabric is very soft and specially which makes one feel comfortable in Summer .

I would somehow prefer Khadi clothes and recommend the same to all my lovely readers .

My look was very simple as i had to stay out for the whole day under scorching sun above 44 C .

img_3159 (1)






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