Monday Inspiration


Good Afternoon from Mumbai everyone..!!

Ah ..!! Monday mornings are kind of busy .Like that’s what i heard people saying to me specially the one’s who go to some or the other firms /agencies . But trust me i have never understood the logic behind Monday being busy and boring till date .I just wonder ARE rest of the week days are entertaining ..??? 😛

But this post is definitely not about Monday being boring or not ..!!

I was going through my YouTube channel and i have this habit of seeing lots of other videos which is not related to my profession at times. I came across this particular video which i found inspiring not because i want to become a model but because i somewhere feel everyone in the world always want to become like some other person rather being  just “US”.

And also be the gorgeous lady with great looks,Tall,Skinny  . So here’s a video which i dedicate to all my readers if you have not yet seen her video.

“Remember you all are important and if you don’t respect yourself not other damn person can respect you “

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