Resist Mumbai





With Kelli Mccluskey and Steve Bull as founding members of PVI Collective .



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pvi collective





This event was organised by PVI COLLECTIVE, Australian tactical media arts group aimed at testing the notion of conflict and the potential of people power to enact change.

Resist is a live tug-of-war event  can be carried out in any site and within any community and necessitates a period of time on the ground to get to know local residents. it is a humorous, physical work but drop dead serious in its intentions to give rise to hidden, unspoken or disenfranchised voices within the community.

resist is the second in pvi collectives ‘future belongs to crowds’ series which aims to explore how different modes of collective behaviour can generate social change.

Mumbai faces lots of problems with thousands of people coming in the city for various reasons. It  becomes difficult to cope with all the social problems the local’ites face.Thus with a motive to be the change and need for development this event took place at JUHU Beach .

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