ABC of Anchoring

Since the beginning of the year i have been receiving mails /messages asking about my profession,to know my perception and experience. How does it work and what is Anchoring . Although Google and various other sites shed light on the Profession as the most coolest and Glamours one.I would want to say there’s lot of hard work behind it .It being just one element . 10258162_665681203510583_8884400901039605196_n   DSC_0147


What is it then ???

I feel , Anchoring is a mixture of science and Art. Since ages human being’s have being organizing various events for a reason. Either throwing a wedding Party or a Corporate event which includes Team-building activities or an Award function or simply celebrating the Annual Meet of the Organization or in that case a Music/Book /Movie Launch. There are various reasons why we organize an event .

But the question is what has to be done to create a “WOW” factor in the show??

The answer is an “Anchor”.

An Anchor/Host has to be humorous, talented, good in communication message to the audience , interactive, energetic & much more. So it’s not only about reading the scripts but rather break the ice between you(an anchor) and audience and make them listen to you.

For an Artist it is a slow and continuous process to climb the ladder of success . It is all about Patience which is the key here .

It doesn’t matter whether you have hosted 100 shows or you are a beginner ! What matters is the confidence which is seen in your vocal and your personality .

So here is sharing my years of treasure ,my #thestagelife

Thanks for reading !!


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