Shoe Care


shoe care

Salaam to all . Hope you are in a good health . My knee is getting healed ,thanks to your wishes .Now because of this knee injury I am at home all the time and can’t shoot but just wait for it to get healed.

But the good thing about this injury is that I am spending lot of time with my family staying home . So anyway because shooting of looks is little difficult I thought of writing this post dedicated to the saviour of our life whom we don’t give much importance .

However this post is not only for women oriented but also for Men out there.

We spend thousands of rupees in buying that fav. Shoe but often get puzzled when it comes to the Shoe Care .

So here’s quick tips how you can DIY shoe care :

Wear your shoes regularly .

Air them frequently . Take them out of your dust bags once in a week and keep it under the Fan or at the window for the natural Air.

Also wash your Dust bag aka shoe bag once a month.

If your shoe has caught Fungus or are wet keep it under the sun or blow dry it . Make sure you don’t wipe it because it will just help the moisture to spread.

Never ever wash Leather . Unless it is a canvas shoe don’t wash it .

For cleaning the suede shoes use the horse hair brush .

For matte leather use shoe wax .


I hope this post was useful to you . If you like it let’s spread the word by sharing the blog and if you have some more tips do make it a point to share it with me in the comment box.

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