In my bag


Few essentials which I never forget to carry in my bag . Although if it means that I would keep changing my bags every second day .

But girls don’t be amazed by seeing the knuckles (Weapon) in the picture . I have been carrying it since the age of 15 . Actually it’s very important for girls to keep such kinda stuffs in their bag or back pocket for self defence. In a country like India where Molestation is high at risk . You don’t need to feel helpless if you know how to defence yourself during such situation.

There are actually lot many stuffs apart of these but I don’t count them as that important . I have also heard about Pepper Spray but personally I don’t feel it would be useful as you never know you would get that much of time to reach out to your bag and then remove Pepper Spray and finally use it .

Let’s spread this message by sharing this post . It’s very important not only from fashion point of view but also for safety .

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