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Behind the camera : Fahim Sayed 

As it is said, “few things in the world never fades “, so as this small accessory aka SUSPENDERS which was highly worn in 30’s still continues to catch many eyeballs even me in that case 😛 

As you all know i love to keep my outfits simple ,suspenders seem to be my all time favorite accessory which i can team up with any dress according to the occasion. This look is all about the classy , sassy ,vintage one can say. Suspenders can be availed in many colors ,designs and the best thing is it isn’t that expensive . 

Interestingly it is one such accessory which can be worn by a person of any age . i.e from kids to a person ageing 70 . Also it isn’t gender oriented meaning Men & Women can wear it .

Meanwhile the t-shirt is a DIY ,click here

So make sure you include this great to go suspenders in your wardrobe .

love ya xoxo

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    I love your personality in your photographs, its so much more interesting than those ‘serious’ bloggers! Loving the hat in your ootd too ❤
    I hope you have a lovely December the first and remember that Christmas is only 24 sleeps away!!
    Much Love,

    1. the atelier says:

      Hey Karen ,thank you so much 🙂 Appreciate it . Even i wish you a super awesome Christmas ❤

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