70’s ,Is it !

So  i have got this feeling of wearing more of Jackets ,Trench Coats and what not. But to be frank it’s all because of the Cold outside.

I mean let’s get it straight, its cold here in Pune and i can’t think of wearing just a normal t-shirt and Jeans and move out of the house happily without taking precautions of getting Cold or Fever . And since most of the time i am traveling as you see through my Instagram i gotta pack every sort of dress i can in my Bag .Because you never know what the weather would be in some XYZ City where you would travel next . At least i can bet about it of India. My hair is going crazy day by day but i am trying to play it with the natural remedies . Rather then spraying and other other stuffs on my hair to make it look good .

Thanks to the winter which is not in Bombay of course but i got a chance to wear my winter wear in Pune . Ahh Pune i am in Love with you 😛 Keep making me feel terribly cold everyday ,every night. Also i will be back to Mumbai in a day and then i would rush to my office and share some pics ! which i haven’t till now .

IMG_0319 copy

IMG_0339 copy

IMG_0352 copy

IMG_0349 copy



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