Shoe Guide


Something which we all love ,but often get confused .


Shoes are women’s best friends! A woman is classy and fabulous with the right kind of shoe! We women want them all.. For every occasion, every event, every moment! But did you all know, what is the name of different shoe models? When and with what are they supposed to be worn? We are here to guide you with unique styling of shoe for each and every occasion.

To begin with, we have the most trending and comfortable Ballerinas, looking at its best with Capri trousers and jeans! Can be worn for long shopping hours and comfortable travel. One important tip here – Never wear these with Mini Skirts! They make you look funny.

Platform Shoes – Always comfortable and serves the purpose of Boots to sandals to low shoe, having sole of minimum 3cm high from the front. Not to be worn with evening dresses but looks best with Capri trousers, Casual flares and skirts. These are great for almost all occasions and never out of trend – So wear them whenever you feel like!

Sneakers are to be best worn with sporty clothes like jeans – long or short and even casual skirts but its recommended, not to wear them with drainpipes or elegant skirts. These are fashion shoes and not sports, though they are equally as comfortable as gym shoes!

You want a cool appearance, then court shoes are the right choice for you. These closed back half shoes have a heel of minimum 3 cm and do not consist of any strap or buckle. These are comfortable only for a certain period of time and look best with dresses and pretty skirts and also with tight trousers, Capri and baggies but never to be worn with long skirts. Court shoes have 3 categories – Peep toes are preferred for important dates also known as flamenco pumps, Stilettos to best worn for red carpet and Slingbacks for romantic evenings.

Summers are here and so are the parties! Look at your best with Wedges, open low shoes with heals, one of the most comfortable in the shoe family!

For Spending lovely hours by the sea, Flip Flops is the best pick. Most comfortable of all the shoes and look best with casual clothes, summer attire, shorts and so on. Never ever wear these with elegant evening dresses or winter trousers!


Guest Blogger Sneh Shah

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