Do you Love Fedora ..???

FEDORA is something which i have been in love with since the age of 8.It may remind you of detective and gangster T.V sitcoms especially more of a Sherlock Holmes Series .

A Must Have staple which came in trend back to 19th century for both Men & Women. This is an all Season accessory which makes you look more stylish.

So if you are a Fedora Lover like me ,go on and purchase it as you can find them in various colors ,shapes and Fabric .A Fabric suiting all season and Leather which will keep your Head warm this winter.

How to Style Fedora :

  • Color – The classic fedora style is more of neutral colors like black, grey, ivory or even tan. But if you are a woman who likes to go bold when it comes to styling you can pick color which are brighter hues with subtle colors of your dress.
  • Hairstyle – When it comes to hairstyle ,we women are the most confusing souls on the planet . So rather than going for the old hairstyles you can rather go for Fishtail braids , side braids , a loose bun for long hair girls. For Pixie cut girls ,you better leave it open with just little of hairspray .
  • Do Not make a mistake of ordering online . It’s tried and tested when i had ordered it came of a wrong size which din’t fit my head size .









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