So what’s your resolution for 2016 ??

Well mine definitely is to have a good health ,maintain a proper diet and progress in my Profession as an Entertainer. But this post is dedicated to all those who have nit been working out and have planned to do that this year .

Going to gym or just working out in the Park , in the house is very important . I feel one should have a clarity as why they choose to workout. We all at one point of time thought “I want to loose weight, or get rid of those fats in the body , or just go to gym for networking …” Well there are many such reasons ,but after working out from over a year i realized “ONE SHOULD NOT WORKOUT CUZ YOU HATE YOUR BODY ,BUT BECAUSE YOU RESPECT IT” . 

The moment you start believing in this quote ,you will respect it more and consider your body as a TEMPLE ,where you don’t want to harm it .

My workout regime is very simple i do weights ,and cardio . For Cardio i either swim or Run those few miles by switching it between Jogging and Running . And Abs workout . If you are new to this then you need to first jot down your problem areas and take assistance of Gym Trainer who will plan your Workout.

For a Beginner you will need inspiration ,watch YouTube videos , Read those stories and quotes to keep you going. I did these stuffs as it was boring when i started .

Well you don’t have to maintain a strict diet , don’t at times but i make sure i don’t eat junk and eat fruits and veggies more throughout the day . I am a Vegetarian so i eat pulses ,Rice,Yogurt ,dry fruits . I have a sweet tooth as well which i just cant resist so i do cheat my diet (If you know what i mean 😛 ) and eat pastries ,cupcakes  but seriously that’s not everyday i swear 😉

Well this sums up everything about my workout regime . Now what are you waiting for !!! Get up and get going , Look Beautiful and stay Pure .

Love you xoxox


IMG_1688 copy

IMG_1680 copy

IMG_1683 copy

IMG_1694 copy

IMG_1707 copy

IMG_1747 copy

IMG_1751 copy



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