Things to do in Kochi

Before i share my guide to the things you can do and places you can explore in Kochi, let me ask you a question! Are you planning an Adventure or a laid back vacation ???

Well i would say Kochi can be listed as a laid back trip . For the reason it’s more of a Business /commercial place . But if you travel ahead of Kochi you can actually go to places like Thekkady , Periyar wildlife sanctuary and treks which the local tourism centers arrange .

Coming back to Things to be done,

An important tip :

No matter what, do not hesitate to travel in the local bus of this city , it’s a roller coaster ride because there’s no glass on the window and the drivers drives it way too fast that you have to have a control on yourself – it’s a must try .

  • Visit to Fort Kochi – I need a whole new post to write about this place in particular. So wait for it !
  • Mahatma Gandhi Beach – Kochi being the coastal region,it has beautiful beaches which looks great at the time of Monsoon . If you want to sit back and relax you can visit this place which is very close to Fort Kochi .It has some coolest shacks and theme based coffee shops.


  • Allappey Boating -Have a look at my video it says it all . I will share the link once its uploaded .


  • Gujarati Market – Here you can shop for the best spices at a reasonable rate. And if you lucky enough then you may find the export goods too . Like i have purchased crockery almost around 11 kg that the shopkeeper surprisingly asked me,”Madam are buying for your restaurant?” You read it right ! because it was too cheap like 99 Rs per kg.


Well these are the best four things i did while in Kochi .Rest of the days i din’t bother to travel rather i had a relationship with my book and the cozy Monsoon climate . 

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