“Hare Hare Mahadev”

Welcome to the oldest city of India where history has left its marks ,where every ancient temple has a story , where the hospitality of locals melts your heart, where the several ghats leads you to several paths, where the Ganges changes according to her mood swings ,where the Ganga Aarti calms your soul.

So my backpack trip to Varanasi was a sudden plan with a friend . I am not going to run through the story of how we reached there . But yeah in this post there are few tips which would help you plan your trip easily .

So at 5 am we got down at Varanasi Bus stand ,both Railway station and Bus Stand being at a distance of few kms . If you wish to get yourself accommodate at the ghats then don’t pay more than 200 rs to the Rickshawala no matter whether it is late night or early morning . 

Where i stayed !

The rickshaw cannot drive to the ghat (if you new to the city ) so you can ask him to drop you to the nearest lane which would be easy for you to walk through .

There are lot of hotels and guest houses throughout the ghats ,the one in which i stayed in is “ALKA HOTEL ” . The best thing about this hotel is they have a Travelers room in which i stayed for next 4 days aka if its your budget trip and you don’t mind staying in a small yet comfy room you can prefer this . This room costs 700 bucks which suited my pocket as i din’t want to stay luxuriously .I have a very different concept of spending less money on rooms because i feel rooms are only to be used for a beauty sleep in the night . Rest for the whole day it’s just wandering to places.

The room was clean, hospitality at the mark and food was tasty if you wish to eat in their restaurant. I would say don’t go for continental as the taste is much preferred by the foreigners . Indian and Paneer Paratha tastes good 🙂  

Address of the hotel 

D, 3/23 MEERGHAT . to book if you visit during peak season.

Across the ghat are other hotels named Teerth Guest House, Ganpati hotel etc.

I met a lot of travelers from different countries some of my age and some around 40’s 50’s who were my neighbors sharing the morning coffee with their stories .

To fill your hungry stomach :

  • There are two stalls on the main road ,near Hanuman temple who offers finger licking Indian breakfast i.e Puri Bhaji,jalebi ,Chaat, Kachori, Tamatar Chaat costing around 20 rs to 30rs. (seriously,can you believe it ..!! ) We used to have our breakfast every morning at this place . They are open only till 10 am


  • Do not forget to taste “Bara Mazza tera swaad ” it is another type of chat which you will find in the shopping market .
  • Maaliyao‘ is the local sweet dish served in earth pots in the shopping market .
  • 13330891_10208164520123417_820431487968929152_n


This was all about my hotel accommodation and food . The next post would be about the tips you can use while sight seeing in Banaras aka varanasi .

Did you enjoy reading the post ? I am not a writer so my words won’t definitely blow your mind but yes my travel stories will definitely help you at ease . So let me know in comments box and share your experience ,would love to read 🙂 

Happy Traveling !!


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