With the year coming to an end most of us are planning or have planned our vacation . But when we talk about vacation we think of our bucket list or some of the coolest music festivals happening around the world and hello !! we want to be a part of it Man . So what do we do we go ,have lots of beer and eat all the junk food in that one week’s time and come back with a guilt of eating junk and getting the belly fat .

So today’s post is with the help of an Executive  Chef who is a Training and Placement Co-ordinator – Chef Amol . I discussed with him this common problem which i face as most of time i am traveling and so do all like me . And here is gives his tips on “Vacation Diet Menu” . If you have some things to add on or questions let me know in the comment box . We will love to revert back .

Well now , “VACATION DIET MENU ” –


Egg white Omelet (Without onion, green chili & tomato)

Boiled Eggs (whole egg)    (Package)

Egg Muffin     (McDonalds)


Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Chicken Mayo Sandwich (Package)

Roast Meat Sandwich (Without dressing) (Package)

Honey Barbecue Sandwich (Package)

Plain Paratha with curd    (Package)

Baked Beans On Toast  

Paper Dosa with Mint Chutney

Apple Pancake


Beans Sprout Salad   (Package)

Green Salad (Only Carrots & cucumber)  (Package)

Lettuce Salad   (Iceberg Lettuce & Romaine Lettuce)

Southwest Salad  (McDonalds)

Taco Bell Fresco Style Zesty

Grilled Chicken Salad (without dressing)  (Package)










Orange  (Tetra Pack)



Bread Rolls (Multigrain)

Muffin (Package)

Pita Bread with Hummus  (Package)


Whole Wheat Bread with Jam (Package)

Hot Beverage

Tea  (Green Tea)

Coffee  (Preferably Black)


  1. Always Carry Cheese cube while travelling. (Proceed Cheese)
  2. Carry Dry Fruits along with air tight containers (Dates, Cashew, Almond, Raisins)
  3. Always have local specialty food in smaller Portion, so that you can enjoy your outing also.
  4. Please don’t include too many vegetables in breakfast.
  5. Always Order No Calorie drinks.
  6. You Can Start Your Breakfast with Cereals, Oats & Porridge along with the milk.
  7. We can include Grilled Sausages & Bacon In Break Fast only minimize the portion size


We hope this post was helpful to you . Do write us with your views  And if  any special request diet post you want to read .

Stay healthy ,eat healthy 🙂


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