B’day B’day ….

So you see I am very excited for my birthday as just 1 month left for “that great day” .I so wish to celebrate it but unfortunately I won’t be able to ,the way it has to be as I have my university exams starting from April 15th … 😦 As for now rushing for…

Stylish with the Tuxedo

Morning everyone .. 🙂 . This morning ever since i woke up i thought of writing an article which would stand different ,something on the Men’s Fashion. My heart kept on telling me to write on this stylish “Tuxedo” which is just so cool and trendy.Guys can definitely go adventurous with the tuxedo . Traditionally,a tuxedo…

Farewell Invitation

I am so excited after receiving this farewell invitation from my juniors of BMM Department.Time passes so quickly …… three years from now i had started studying the course and today when i look back have so many memorable moments in the college which i will cherish for decades. Today i feel why-o why on…


Dress: Bangkok (Indra Market ) , Sun-glasses: Hill Road , Shoes :Bangkok Sunday Morning seems to be fresh with the sunlight and warmth touching my skin.What a lovely way to start off a morning.Taking a walk down the lane and time spend in the pool a perfect way to detox self .

Chanel Couture

    Everyone is astonished ever since Chanel Couture show last week.Sneakers on Couture gowns?  Karl definitely shocks everyone . But i think that’s where the Glory is. Simply liked the idea and you can actually add it to your street style .