Hi Everyone !

I would like to tell you guys why i choose to start a fashion & style blog & What it means to be fashionable .

I Think  everyone today is so very conscious about how she/he looks that sometimes they end up being a nightmare. What i believe is not only brands make a person look fabulous but even the high street wear is high appealing.So if your attire doesn’t has a label on it don’t think that your reputation would fade out because you should know how to team it up with accessories and other stuffs.

I love what I shop and I shop what I wear . So always be confident of what you are purchasing as even a smallest thing you shop will be useful to you someday.Meanwhile there’ll also be a part of population around you who will make a fool of what you wear, some new experiments by you.So you should be aware of your body size,height,shape keeping in account fabric,colors and style which will suit you.You should always be confident of what you wear unless and until you are feeling comfortable.

I am someone who loves to play with fabric’s ,experimenting different colors both bright and dull and I like knowing what is going on in other countries as well, what are people wearing.

Well i am not someone who has done major’s in Fashion & Styling but i always get my inspiration from people around me.Wondering how.. ????

Try to see what people are wearing, you will get a lot of Inspiration from it.

One thing which i try to imitate & advice my friend’s is a ” SIGNATURE  STYLE “.Trust me guys if you have a signature style of your own for what you wear you’ll earn brownie points for yourself.

So now when you gotta know little about what fashion is get ready to know what your homework is ..

  1. Understand your signature style
  2. Your biggest Fashion Icon
  3. Follow blogs

That’s it and you are all set to be Fashionable ..


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