Things to do in Kochi

Before i share my guide to the things you can do and places you can explore in Kochi, let me ask you a question! Are you planning an Adventure or a laid back vacation ??? Well i would say Kochi can be listed as a laid back trip . For the reason it’s more of…

Magic Dam

Astonished looking at the beauty of this planet. It’s amazing ,these pictures were clicked in the month of December but unfortunately din’t get time to post and eventually it slipped out of my mind.I know,I know this isn’t good and should not happen 😛 . A day out with buddies early morning and was fortunate enough…

Kala Ghoda Festival

These Masks are known as Chhau ,West Bengal/Patachitra Orissa Rajasthani Miniature  of the Maharja (King) & Maharani (Queen) DIY Necklaces on sale ,love the beauty of necklace as they are made out of cloth and beads. and i am enjoying watching a Bollywood movie 😛  a beautiful way to present the Indian Flag with it…


Time has shown a drastic change in my life from past few weeks.Break-up ,ups n downs and then one has to be stable and continue living life.Thus i thought some kinda refreshing act is needed. Shopping and then mixing the looks is the perfect way for me. Need some positive vibes around me.

thought of the day

Hey peeps !!  Here is the quote which i believe in & sharing with you all.  “Our life should be like a flower who even after being surrounded by thrones gives us fragrance & happiness .”  Happy Wednesday 🙂