Magic Dam

Astonished looking at the beauty of this planet. It’s amazing ,these pictures were clicked in the month of December but unfortunately din’t get time to post and eventually it slipped out of my mind.I know,I know this isn’t good and should not happen 😛 . A day out with buddies early morning and was fortunate enough…

thought of the day

Hey peeps !!  Here is the quote which i believe in & sharing with you all.  “Our life should be like a flower who even after being surrounded by thrones gives us fragrance & happiness .”  Happy Wednesday 🙂 

Dairy of Nong Nooch Village !

Here are few pictures clicked in the Nong Nooch Village,Pattaya.I love this place which is packed with many stuffs to amuse people of all ages. So take a look . And i hope my expressions are perfect referring to the statues behind me.