Shoe Guide

SHOE GUIDE Something which we all love ,but often get confused . Shoes are women’s best friends! A woman is classy and fabulous with the right kind of shoe! We women want them all.. For every occasion, every event, every moment! But did you all know, what is the name of different shoe models? When…

Stop & Watch

Behind the camera : Fahim Sayed  As it is said, “few things in the world never fades “, so as this small accessory aka SUSPENDERS which was highly worn in 30’s still continues to catch many eyeballs even me in that case 😛  As you all know i love to keep my outfits simple ,suspenders…


Dress: Bangkok (Indra Market ) , Sun-glasses: Hill Road , Shoes :Bangkok Sunday Morning seems to be fresh with the sunlight and warmth touching my skin.What a lovely way to start off a morning.Taking a walk down the lane and time spend in the pool a perfect way to detox self .

Wandering Around

Since morning the weather is making me feel lazy that i actually started my work late today .No mood to study,to work or complete university projects .Just feel like going to a calm place and sit there for hours but i think it’s not good as i am giving myself a reason to become a…

Dairy of Nong Nooch Village !

Here are few pictures clicked in the Nong Nooch Village,Pattaya.I love this place which is packed with many stuffs to amuse people of all ages. So take a look . And i hope my expressions are perfect referring to the statues behind me.